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I can trace my love of classic British sports cars back to a summer’s day, when I was about 5 years old. I am astonished at how vividly I remember this day, given how young I was. It was really a formative experience for me.

My uncle had just bought a late model MGB roadster & my father had taken us to have a look. The sports car was British Racing Green (of course), and freshly washed/waxed. I’d never been in a convertible, nor even
seen a British car up close before. My uncle noticed that I couldn’t take my eyes off of it, so he offered to take me for a drive.

It was just a short jaunt around the block, with the top down in a quiet little suburb… But I’ve never forgotten what it was like.

I remember how the wind whipped through in my hair & buffeted my face. What it was like to watch trees go by, directly above us. The black dash with all of those funny looking dials & switches -- so different from the ones in my parents’ 4-door Chevy. And the fantastic sound the MGB’s exhaust made, as he ran it through each gear.

I decided that day that I would have a car like this. Someday.

And about 4 years ago I began living that old dream when I bought and began working on a 1971 Triumph TR6.

This memory is why I believe it’s very important for those of us in the classic British car hobby to share the things that we enjoy with the children in our lives. You could very well give them an experience that they will never forget. It could be an experience that will change their lives. Even if it’s a simple drive around the block in an MGB.

TR6 -- Dan

Sometimes it's interesting to see things through the eyes of their time.
Here are some original commercials for these cars, from the 60s and 70s!
(Get ready to laugh! Marketing has certainly come a long way since then.)

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